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Notes on Privacy, Rights, Ethics and Consent

Many of the pages on this website contain images of people that are used without their consent or knowledge. There are also images made in or of private property, often without the knowledge or consent of the owners.

In the United Kingdom the use of photographs of people in public places is legal as long as it does not contravene other laws or cause harm: for example, that it does not defame, libel, slander or endanger the safety of the person photographed. When a person is in a public place they have no legal right to control images that may be made of them.

This website adopts a rule that no image of a person that may be recognisable to the subject, or anyone that knows them, is used that is less than twenty years old. In some cases the interval between origination and publication is over forty five years. In effect this means that many of the people in these photographs are now dead and any of the few children that appear are now adults, in some instances approaching the age of sixty.

If any person can identify themselves in these images and objects to, or is distressed by, their use consideration will be given to removing them from the website. Use the CONTACT link to email me, Peter White, directly.

In the collection of images and text called The Life Class the model depicted gave her permission for photography in 1973. At that time any future use of the photographic images, or of students' drawings of her, could not have been defined or predicted. In the text her name and other information given about her has been changed. I do not believe that, after nearly half a century, she could be easily identified from the images in the way that I have used them, or be grossly offended by my words or pictures. However, in the unlikely event that she sees these images and objects to their use, consideration will be given to removing them from this website if she can identify herself.

This website does not use cookies and does not capture any information from visitors.

If you use the CONTACT link to email P.F.White your address and any communication will be retained and used in order to make a reply unless you specifically request that it be deleted. If you wish to subscribe to updates to this site you must specifically use the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line or body of your email. Subscribers will receive no more than 6 emails a year and may unsubscribe at any time. No addresses or information about correspondents will be shared with any other person or organisation

The title of the collection of images and texts called Under a Precipice of Soft Shade is based on words in A Walk with Monsieur Teste in Monsieur Teste by Paul Valéry, translated by Jackson Mathews (Princeton University Press, 1973.) P.60. Except where otherwise noted all material, words (including quoted speech) and images on this site are the work and copyright P.F.White.

Although most of the texts on this site refer to, mention, or may suggest actual people, places and events, the stories told about them are not intended to be interpreted as factual.

Peter White, 2020.

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